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2020-12-06 Lindsay Lambert Note Regarding Land Ownership and Deeds on Chaudiere Island

2018-08-26 Uncovering the truth - Current fate of the Sacred Site - A Letter to the Editor from Lindsay Lambert

2017-05-29 Circle of All Nations Letter to Queen

2017-08-23 Asinabka UPDATE - Correspondence Elders Without Borders and Lindsay Lambert

2017-06-06 Correspondence to PM and former GGs Re Letter to the Queen

2017-04-11 Algonquin Grandmothers file claim over proposed "Zibi" condo development

2017-04-03 Lindsay Lambert letter to Hon Judy Foote - Evidence that Chaudiere Islands are all Crown property

2016 ASINABKA YEAR END REPORT (Includes 1998-2016 pointform recap)

2016-12-12 Linday Lambert's response to City of Ottawa's notice of decision

2016-12-05 City of Ottawa notice regarding Contested Chaudiere lands

2016-11-18 Judge states AOO are not the only group with a right to address concerns about Zibi

2016-11-18 Court rules OMB appelants are "public interest litigants"

2016-11-17 Cardinal v Windmill Green Fund LPV COSTS Court File No: 15-65299

2016-07-07 ASINABKA Court Challenge update, costs, note to Algonquin chiefs - ENGLISH

2016-07-07 ASINABKA Court Challenge update, costs, note to Algonquin chiefs - FRENCH

2016-06-16 Note 2 to PM re Mental Wellness and Asinabka

2016-06-16 Note 1 to PM re Mental Wellness and Asinabka

2016-03-21 Note re OMB Chaudiere Court Hearing March 9 2016


2015-11-19 CAN letter to Prime Minister re Paris and the Asinabka Sacred Chaudiere Site

2015-11-01 CAN Letter to P. M. Justin Trudeau - Romola

2015 Nov Asinabka Letter to PM CAN Collaborator - bilingual

2015-10-29 Dear PM Justin Trudeau ASINABKA - by Karen BissonPPP Asinabka National Aboriginal Centre

2015-09-04 Romola's Post OMB Hearing PCH remarks

2015-08-18 Asinabka Chronology VIRTUAL INSTITUTE2015-08-17 OMB hearing - Romola's remarks

2015-08-13 Letter to Jeff Westeinde (Windmill), by Luc-Anne Salm

2015-08-08 Synopsis and plea for Asinabka, by Karen Bisson

2015-06-04 URGENT Letter from Romola following OMB hearing

2015 06 - Windmill Rebuttal - Ontario Municpal Board Hearing

2014-11-10 Appeal To OMB re City of Ottawa Planning

2014-11_Public Letters to Domtar Post Re-Zoning Meeting

2014-10-22 Romola's Second Letter to Domtar

2014-10-02 Public letters to the City of Ottawa for re-zoning meeting:

2014-10-02 PC Agenda 82, Item 4 - 3 & 4 Booth St - Chief Whiteduck
2014-10-02 PC 82 - Booth St - Submissions - 01-35

2014-10-02 PC 82 - Booth St - Submissions - 36-70
2014-10-02 PC 82 - Booth St - Submissions - 71
2014-10-02 PC 82 - Booth St - Submissions - 72-76

2014-09-29 Submission City of Ottawa Rezoning

2014-09-23_Asinabka_Romola's Heritage_Note Letter to Domtar

2014-06-21 Circle Of All Nations Message Regarding William Commanda’s Legacy Vision 
For The Sacred Chaudière Site

2014-03-05 United Nations CIRCLE OF ALL NATIONS PROJECT
A collaborative initiative with FANCV

2014 The Cradle Rocks While the Grandfather’s of Our Country Tell their Stories - by Noreen Kruzich

2014 Spring - A Capital Development in Ottawa by Louise Thomassin (PDF page 20)

2014-02-04 Asinabka - A Place of Peace - S. Harvey’s Correspondence to Windmill Development

2013-12 Asinabka Correspondence re Windmill Developments




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